Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Idols by Margaret Stohl


Author: Margaret Stohl
Series: Icons #2
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Format: ARC
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Source: ARC received from publisher at ALA
Rating: 4 Stars
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***I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way changed my opinion of the book. The review below is my open and honest opinion.***  

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Icons came from the sky. They belong to an inhuman enemy. They ended our civilization, and they can kill us.

Most of us.

Dol, Ro, Tima, and Lucas are the four Icon Children, the only humans immune to the Icon's power to stop a human heart. Now that Los Angeles has been saved, things are more complicated - and not just because Dol has to choose between Lucas and Ro, the two great loves of her life. As she flees to a resistance outpost hidden beneath a mountain, Dol makes contact with a fifth Icon Child, if only through her visions. When Dol and the others escape to Southeast Asia in search of this missing child, Dol's dreams, feelings and fears collide in an epic showdown that will change more than just four lives -- and stop one heart forever.

In this riveting sequel to Icons, filled with nonstop action and compelling romance, bestselling author Margaret Stohl explores what it means to be human and how our greatest weakness can be humanity's strongest chance at survival.

My Review:

Confession time. I really enjoyed Icons when I read it last year. But I remember almost nothing. I remember that there were some crazy alien thingies called the Lords that were… evil? And people were… sad? Scared? And there were these four Icon children that had special abilities (don’t remember what they were) that supposedly could save the world? Yeah. Not the best memory for this book. It wasn’t on Recaptains and I didn’t have time to reread the first book so I just shrugged and dove in.

Which is why I think I didn’t really enjoy the first half. Because I was so lost. There aren’t too many reminders about what happened, what kind of world we’re living in, what the characters can do, etc. This is one of those books that you really need to reread the first one or have it fresh in your mind. But because I had loved the first one so much, I pushed ahead and eventually got completely sucked in again.

I still hate Lucas. I remember hating him in the first book and guess what? I still hate him. I think he’s weak and honestly a bit shady. I’m sorry. I just don’t trust him. Ro is the man for me and for Dol and I will never be satisfied with the Dol and Lucas ship. Nope. Not going to ship it. Ever.

Once I kind of got a feel for what the heck was going on, the story moved quickly. I loved the ever-changing setting, the nonstop action, and the constant battle for life. Literally, these characters are fighting for their lives every second of this book. I felt so bad for them. The second they got somewhere “safe” something catastrophic would happen. But it definitely keeps you entertained. We got a little tiny bit more info about the Lords through some correspondence that is spaced in between chapters, but I still want to know more. Like what exactly are they?? They freak me out. That much I do know.

And then that ending. Nearly killed me. I’m still a bit heartbroken over it. And in denial. Yep, definitely in denial. If you haven’t started this series yet and you love aliens, then what the heck are you waiting for? Okay, maybe you should wait for the last book and then binge read so you don’t forget everything like I did. But this is one science fiction series you won’t want to miss. Happy reading all!  

Let's talk! Have you read this one yet or started this series? What do you think of the mysterious and all-powerful Lords? Are you dying for more information like me? Were you a little lost starting this due to horrible memory? Also, that ending! Are you in denial too? 


  1. I think I remember even less than you do about the first book so I'm definitely going to have to reread it before I read Idols. Why, why, why can't authors just write a summary of the previous book(s) in the beginning of the next one? How hard would that be? Do they really expect us to remember what happened after a year? TV shows tell us what happened on last week's episode, so why can't books do it too????

    I love alien books so I can't wait to read this, although you've got me nervous about the ending. Glad you enjoyed it! ~Pam

    1. That's a great point. There should totally be a section in the beginning of the book that says "previously in [insert book name]"

      I hope you like it! You'll have to email me once you finish so we can discuss the ending.

  2. I have to admit to really not enjoying Icons. I'm so glad to hear that it worked better for you though. As far as recaps go, have you heard of the blog Recaptains? They do pretty great refreshers for books in series!

    1. Yeah, I have and I try to use them as often as I can. I don't think they have Icons on there. But to be honest, I may have forgotten to chat. I'm seriously considering writing my own mini spoiler summary just to keep on my computer when I start a new series.


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